The Trends Team has spoken! Here are their thoughts on a few subjects.

We are head over heels for the paper bag cinch waist pants! It does wonders to an outfit, whether you dress them up or down paper bag waist pants were an August hit.

This month we were looking at Kristen Cavallari for style inspiration. She has that effortless true Nashville look, which is perfect in our summer months. Can’t wait to see what the winter months bring!!

Whether you read or listen, Michelle Obama’s Becoming is a book that everyone should have on their list. This boss babe has a lot to touch on with this book and we were happy to have her take us on her journey.

Can’t refuse it when this artist is requested to play because she has an overwhelming amount of support from the Trends Team. They waited all month with anticipation for Taylor Swift’s newest album Lover. I would say without a question or doubt that the Trends Team is happy with this latest release.

With the winter months fast approaching the Trends Team is on the hunt for a new vacation destination. A lot of us like the season of Fall and do not dread the next few months so we thought where better than Munich, Germany. This castle and cottage filled city would be a dream to visit in Fall. With it’s autumnal colors and deep history it is sure to give beauty and fright (if that’s what you are looking for).

Without spending too much money, we can have a German style experience right here in Chicago. As we are all aware we are gifted with being in a city that has such a vast food culture that is quite good across any cuisine! Check out The Berghoff for classic German food and atmosphere.

Thanks for checking in!!

We hope to have a little something put together every month.

Be sure to let us know how you like it!!!

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