Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about Trends Consignment.

What is consignment?

Consignment is the process by which we sell your gently used and new clothing, shoes, handbags, and accessories.  “Consignment” simply means “we sell it for you and split the proceeds! ” 

How do I Consign with Trends?

Bring your gently worn/like new clothing and accessories to Trends! To make your drop off process seamless, please make sure you check out the brands we do not accept list. No appointment necessary! We simply ask that items must be brought in cleaned and on hangers. We accept consignment up until one hour before we close. (check our hours under hours / location)

We’ll take a look at your like new/ gently used clothing, shoes, purses, jewelry, and accessories in store let you know what we can and cannot accept for consignment. Anything we cannot accept, you can take back or we can donate on your behalf to a local charity. We can provide a tax write off on request!

Trends consignors are assigned their own online account.  From this account, you can track your sold inventory and account balance. You have 24/7 access to your account and it is updated in real time – so check it as often as you’d like!

For more information about consignment, see Currently Accepting.

How should I bring my clothing/accessories in?

Trends asks that all clothing is brought in cleaned, wrinkle free, and on hangers. We want your items to sell! So bring them ready to do so! Anything we do take, you can have your hangers back. Yay!

Shoes and purses can be brought in a simple laundry basket. The more organized your items come in, the quicker the whole drop off process will go! 

Jewelry does not get looked through right away. Because we get such large quantities, it can take 2-4 weeks to be looked through and priced. We simply ask for you to bring us your shiny gems in a little bag of its own. (Putting them in separate zip locks to prevent tangles will help us price your jewelry much quicker!)

Trends does not accept certain brands (you can find this list on our consignment page) and requires that all clothing be in excellent condition (no stains, damage or odors). 

Beautiful clothing stuffed in garbage bags just makes us sad. No matter how gorgeous your items are, if they are not in salable condition when they come in, we unfortunately have to return them to you. We accept consignment up until one hour before we close! (check our hours under hours / location)

What styles/brands do you accept? What don't you accept?

Trends accepts brand-name/designer women’s clothing, shoes, purses/handbags, jewelry, and accessories that have been sold in stores within the last 2 years! 

We accept lots of brands! The list is so big we just cannot name them all! Here are some of our TOP SELLING Brands that we and our customers LOVE!






J Crew

Eileen Fisher



Kate Spade

Tory Burch

Louis Vuitton


Banana Republic

…and many others!

We DO NOT accept vintage clothing/accessories – we adore the vintage look, but it’s just not our market. Items must be in style and currently selling in stores within the last 2 years.

We DO NOT accept replicas or knock-offs of designer items. Ever. If you are unsure of the authenticity of a piece (whether it was an online purchase, a gift, or a resale find from another store), please make sure you have it authenticated before you bring it into the store.  If Trends believes there is a possibility that an item may not be authentic, it will have to be rejected.

We DO NOT accept clothing/accessories from:


Old Navy

New York & Co

Dress Barn


Casual Corner

Walmart Brands

K-Mart Brands

Target Brands


JC Penney



Forever 21


We also rarely take “basic” pieces – ie plain black pants/slacks, white button down shirts, bootcut jeans etc. They are much harder for us to sell!

Why didn't Trends accept everything I dropped off?

Trends is very very picky! We have to be! We simply cannot take every item a consignor brings in.  It doesn’t mean we don’t think you are fashionable or that your items don’t have value. We strive to provide a wide range of colors, sizes, and styles to our array of customers but we have to be very choosy about what we accept.

Also, please do take in mind that Trends is a seasonal shop! We always have an updated list of what we are currently accepting! 

Here is a list of the brands/labels we do not take.

What season's clothing are you currently accepting?

Trends generally accepts

Spring Consignments (Mid-Februrary -May)

Summer items from  (May-July)

 Fall items from (September-November)

Winter from (November-January). Heavier winter gear, like coats and thick sweaters, are usually accept mid-October.

Please call if you are unsure what items we are currently accepting!The aforementioned dates are not set in stone, and we would hate for you to go through the hassle of bringing in unseasonable items (only to have them turned away).

You can also see our always up-to-date list of styles we are looking for on our Currently Accepting List! 

For all of the latest information,  sign up for our emails.

How will you price my item?

The Trends staff is very skilled at pricing your clothing and accessory items so that they will sell. We will consider the condition, purchase price, age, and style, when determining price. Once we set an item’s price, It will remain at that price for three weeks before markdowns begin. Consignors receive 50% of the final selling price. 

Pricing clothing, accessories, and shoes can take up to 48 hours. Pricing Jewelry can take 2-4 weeks.  We will send you an itimized list of your consignment pieces within 48 hours of your drop off via email. 

Will you ever mark my items down?

Consignment items go through an automatic 20% markdown every three weeks it remains unsold. Your items will go through two markdown periods before the end of the consignment period. A total of 40% markdown will be applied to the inital price if  the piece is unsold after 6 weeks. 

How will I know when my items sell?

All Trends consignors are given their own online account. Your account is updated daily.  You can check your account to track your sold inventory and see your account balance.  The online account is available to consignors 24/7 on our  consignor login page.

Request a check – which you can do via phone, email or just stop by the store and pick up a check anytime your account reaches over $25 (no appointment necessary). Checks can also be mailed out for a .75 cent mailing fee.

How much/when will I get paid?

Trends consignors receive 50% of the final selling price of their item. Use the proceeds from the sale of your items as store credit toward the purchase of new clothes! You can also request a check. When your account balance exceeds $25 (or no active items in your account), stop by and pick up a check – no appointment necessary! 

Please note:  Trends will NOT call or email you when your items sell. You must monitor your online account or inquire with the store directly. Likewise, checks will not automatically be mailed to you. You must contact the store (or stop by) and specifically request a check.

How long is the consignment period?

Trends’ consignment period is 60 days.  

What happens to my unsold items when my consignment period is over?

After your 60-day consignment period ends, Trends will donate your items to local deserving charities and provide you with a tax write-off.  Any item that was initially priced at $50.00 or above may be picked up at the end of its consignment period. We just ask for 48 hour notice to have the items ready for you! 

Still need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions  call us on (708) 434-0801

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