We’ve done it! Another month down, can you believe how fast it went? While we can’t here are our opinions on this months trends


Our fall here in the midwest has been unusually warm and varies from day to day, typical. We haven’t seen a true emergence of fall fashion but some sort of hybrid between the seasons. Leopard is one thing that will never go out of style and transcends all seasons. We love the reimaged sneaker and mules that have surfaced this month.

In the wake of the Emmys how could we not mention Zendaya! Her sense of style is constantly evolving and she is nothing but daring. This fall it looks as though she is loving the oversized blazer over a pair of jeans or a wide leg trouser with a fitted crop.

A book is the cheapest vacation you might ever find. This month we were reading Elin Hilderbrand’s The Perfect Couple. If you are into murder mysteries this is the book for you, set in the small beach town of Nantucket it is also a small vacation 😉

This month we have been throwing it back to the 90s for music. All the classics of this decade have been played at one point or another in the store.

We are really dreaming with the vacation spot this month. Our goal is to get to the beautiful Santorini Greece, major heart eyes for this island!!

For the greek experience on a budget, be sure to visit Greek Islands. The food is amazing and the atmosphere will have you right in the Greece mindset.

Thanks for checking in! See you next month!

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